Month: February 2017

  • Born on a Tuesday: A Review

    Here is a young Hausa boy who has found a place to call home at the mosque near the motor park, in Sokoto. Where else can he call home when his parents are dead, and his brothers have joined the Shiites? When the reader meets Dantala he has just finished studying under his Quranic teacher 
  • Conversation with Elnathan

    Our twitter chat with Elnathan John   Prestige Bookshop: Hello @elnathan_john. Thank you for joining us for this chat. We are going to talk about your novel, the trip to Kenya and much more Elnathan John: My pleasure. Glad to be doing this. PB: Thank you. Firstly, are you satisfied by the reception that Born
  • Joe Kadenge:The Life of a Football Legend

    John Nene’s book Joe Kadenge: The Life of a Football Legend takes the reader back to the hay days of Kenyan football, the days of ‘Kadenge na mpira’. These were the times when passion oozed from the feet of the players and into the hearts of the fans. It mattered little that they played bare