Comprises Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff, Don’t Sweat the Small
KES 1,890
KES 2,150
This is a book about two men making the most
KES 2,150
June 18, 1815, was one of the most momentous days
KES 740
The fifth volume, part two of A Song of Ice
KES 1,400
Martin Luther King Jr was the most powerful and eloquent
KES 1,650
This new edition of Will Kymlicka’s best selling critical introduction
KES 9,000
What keeps women from being their best? Joyce has been
KES 1,650


No rating
Two pioneers in health – Dr Deepak Chopra and Prof
KES 1,490
In the wake of the French Revolution & the Industrial
KES 1,650
International bestselling authors Allan and Barbara Pease (WHY MEN DON’T
KES 1,200


No rating
WHAT IF you could go back in time and change
KES 1,450
We all know how strong our emotions can be –
KES 1,490

Mascot, The

No rating
Part thriller, part psychological drama, part puzzle with a strange
KES 990
Winston Churchill understood and wielded the power of words throughout
KES 2,000


No rating
Arguably the best novel to come out of World War
KES 1,450
Jamaica, 1976. Seven gunmen storm Bob Marley’s house, machine guns
KES 1,450
A hard-hitting essay combined with factual reportage on the new
KES 1,440
Author: John Kiriamiti ISBN:9789966466839
KES 465
The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Seconds before the Earth is
KES 1,250
In the 20th century humanity consumed products faster than ever,
KES 1,890
For eighteen centuries pious Jews had prayed for the return
KES 2,090
Bernie Sanders stormed to international headlines after running an extraordinary
KES 1,390
Everyone can use a daily wake-up call. Now in bite-size mantras,
KES 1,500

Best Selling Books

To the dismay of her ambitious mother, Bolanle marries into
KES 1,350
In I’m Too Pretty To Be Broke, Joan Thatiah combines
KES 580
At the age of thirty-six, on the verge of completing
KES 1,300
NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER Nominated for the NAACP Image Award for
KES 2,800
In this generation-defining self-help guide, a superstar blogger cuts through
KES 2,500
Now optioned as a TV series for HBO, with executive
KES 850
In this poignant, hilarious and deeply intimate call to arms,
KES 1,500
The artistry of QUESTIONS FOR ADA defies words, embodying the
KES 1,790
One hundred thousand years ago, at least six different species
KES 1,450
Paulo Coelho’s masterpiece tells the mystical story of Santiago, an
KES 900
In this universally accessible New York Times bestseller named for
KES 1,650
Trevor Noah’s unlikely path from apartheid poverty to becoming one
KES 1,850
The Bigger Deal: Work Your Way to a Life of
KES 1,890
With its first great victory in the landmark Supreme Court
KES 1,000

Stay With Me

No rating
‘There are things even love can’t do … If the
KES 1,290


No rating
Winner of the PEN/ Hemingway Award Winner of the NBCC’s John
KES 1,290


No rating
As teenagers in Lagos, Ifemelu and Obinze fall in love.
KES 1,000
From one of Nigeria’s finest contemporary literary talents comes Elnathan
KES 1,500


No rating
#1 New York Times bestselling author T.D. Jakes challenges the
KES 1,650


No rating
In Unbowed, Nobel Prize winner Wangari Maathai recounts her extraordinary
KES 1,290


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