A strikingly lyrical novel, this is the story of Askar, an orphan whose mother died in childbirth and whose father died in the bloody war dividing Somalia and Ethiopia before he was born. Askar is taken in by the kind-hearted Misra, a woman from his village who cares for him until, as a precocious adolescent, he leaves for Mogadiscio in search of perspective on both his country and himself.
In Somalia’s capital city, at the hub of violence, Askar throws himself into radical political activity that continually challenges the murky boundaries of his own being, just as ‘’revolution’ ’redefines Somalia’s own borders.
When the tide of event leads to allegations of treason and murder against Misra, those personal and political boundaries will be challenged with a ferocity Askar has never imagined.

Author: Nuruddin Farah

ISBN: 9780140296433


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Nuruddin Farah