Redemption Song and Other Stories: The Caine Prize for African Writing 2018

Kenyan writer Makena Onjerika has won the 2018 Caine Prize for African Writing – often described as Africa’s leading literary award, for her short story entitled ‘Fanta Blackcurrant,’ published in Wasafiri (2017).

Contents: 2018 shortlist: American Dream by Nonyelum Ekwempu (Nigeria); The Armed Letter Writers by Olofunke Ogundimu (Nigeria); Fanta Blackcurrant by Makena Onjerika (Kenya); Involution by Stacy Hardy (South Africa); Wednesday’s Story by Wole Talabi (Nigeria); Workshop stories and writers: No Ordinary Soiree by Paula Akugizibwe; Tie Kidi by Awuor Onyango; Calling the Clouds Home by Heran T. Abate; America by Caroline Numuhire; Departure by Nsah Mala; Where Rivers Go to Die by Dilman Dila; Ngozi by Bongani Sibanda; The Weaving of Death by Lucky Grace Isingizwe; Redemption Song by Arinze Ifeakandu; Spaceman by Bongani Kona; All Things Bright and Beautiful by Troy Onyango; Grief is the Gift that Breaks the Spirit Open by Eloghusa Osunde.



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