The Devil That Danced On Water

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An intimate and moving portrait of a family combined with an account of the events which swept through Africa in the post-independence period.

Aminatta Forna’s intensely personal history is a passionate and vivid account of an African childhood – of an idyll that became a nightmare. As a child she witnessed the upheavals of post-colonial Africa, the bitterness of exile in Britain and the terrible consequences of her dissident father’s stand against tyranny.
Aminatta’s search for the truth that shaped both her childhood and the nation’s destiny begins among the country’s elite and takes her into the heart of rebel territory. Determined to break the silence surrounding her father’s fate, she ultimately uncovered a conspiracy that penetrated the highest reaches of government and forced the nation’s politicians and judiciary to confront their guilt.

Author: Aminatta Forna

ISBN: 9780006531265

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