In this ground-breaking new book, Ram Charan, co-author of the bestselling Execution, redefines leadership by focusing on eight specific practical skills that, if mastered, are guaranteed to bring success.

1. Positioning ­­- ­­­formulating a clear central idea that chimes with your customers’ desires and allows the business to be profitable.
2. Detecting patterns – recognising key variables that may create barriers to growth.
3. Managing the social system – influencing the workplace environment so that people can pull together and make the right decisions at the right time.
4. Selecting (and deselecting) people – spotting talent, and making the change when the fit isn’t right.
5. Leading your management team – trusting, and inspiring, an effective team of managers.
6. Setting goals – deciding what the business can achieve.
7. Setting priorities – assessing the actions that need to be taken in order to meet your goals.
8. Dealing with external parties – making sure that outside power groups beyond your control do not affect your business unduly.

Author: Ram Charan



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