What did it take to get hundreds of Kenyan students, thirsting for higher education, into US colleges in the late 1950s and early 1960s? It took perseverance, help from countless people, and the overwhelming desire of the students themselves. This is an engaging and insightful book about an important and ignored slice of history. When we think of vital historical airlifts, minds race back to the Berlin Airlift. Robert Stephens takes us to another American-sponsored airlift that brought a generation of future African leaders to American shores for higher education. This effort profoundly altered the lives of these men and women, the development of East African nations, and the perception of America. At a time when the world struggled to understand the value of ‘soft’ as opposed to military power, this book offers a valuable historical model. Set during the last days of colonialism in Kenya, the book documents the development of human talent that would foster a majority-ruled independent Kenya. Its focus on Africans n their individual and collective biographies, aspirations and intermittent assistance from the US and others – is the story.”

Author: Robert F. Stephens



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