About Us

Ours is a noble responsibility: that of nourishing the minds of our readers with endless knowledge. For close to 50 years, this has been our chief goal. Here at Prestige Bookshop we do not take it fнайти работу в сочи or granted that our customers from all walks of life have journeyed with us for all these years.Jim Carter & Thabo Mbeki are some of the prominent customers that have visited our store.

We pride ourselves in having  an unrivaled range of books that are  rare to find in Nairobi or in the region. We are your go-to bookstore whether you are looking for an interesting novel, or a provocative local memoir.

Our trademark bookmarks, which are as old as the shop itself, have stood the test of time. When our customers buy their books they are sure to leave with something more: the prestige bookmark.

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