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O’Rourke is not really a travel writer (see Holidays in Hell) or a right-wing apologist (see Republican Party Reptile ) or even a responsible journalist (see passim), but something far more valuable than any of these. Fuelled on duty-free Scotch, he is America’s greatest prose comedian . . . Nobody tells or times a gag better, even when – especially when – he fetches up in a place as unfunny as Somalia’ Anthony Quinn, Sunday Times

‘O’Rourke has picked up the title of champion gonzo journalist of the world. He’s been there and done twice as much of it . . . [the book] is aimed like a guided missile straight up the liberal nostril . . . a splendid antidote to the modern fever of artificially-induced compassion’ Literary Review

‘O’Rourke can write more compellingly than almost any of those he writes about and he is funnier than almost anyone writing in America today’ John Diamond, The Times

‘In the politically-correct wastes of American journalism, P. J. O’Rourke stands out like a naughty deed in a good world’ John Naughton, Observer

‘Mr O’Rourke is the only writer in the world who can make foreign trade funny’ New York Times Book Review

Author: P.J. O’rourke


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