Connected:24 Hours in the Global Economy

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Oil prices go up, the stock market goes down. Currency exchange rates fluctuate and new technologies are changing the way we do business. What if you could look behind the headlines of the global economy? Instead of listening to pundits, politicians, and protestors, you could see first-hand how everyone from migrant workers to central bank governors live their lives.

Now you can. Having chosen June 15, 2005, as the focal point for his book, Altman contacted dozens of people from all corners of the world and all levels of the economy, from factory workers and currency traders to CEOs and entrepreneurs, asking them for first-person narratives of their activities on that one day. Starting with their stories and keying his chapters to the headlines of the day, Altman takes on pressing questions in new ways: Can poor countries become rich too quickly? Can corruption ever be a good thing? Do companies need crises in order to stay competitive? What determines the global economic pecking order? Along the way, you’ll find quick guides to the fundamental markets that link the global economy together: stocks, credit, currencies, and oil.

Most importantly, you’ll learn how the billions of decisions taken by individuals can and do change the future. This book is part travel guide, part owner’s manual – an essential road map for every citizen of the global economy in the 21st century.

Author:Daniel Altman


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