Designed to Win: Strategies for Building a Thriving Global Business

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An exclusive roadmap for steering your company’s global expansion to success

Today’s business leaders face more uncertainty, more risk and more complexity. The strength of the global marketplace combined with formidable competition from new market entrants and regional economies is challenging traditional business and operating principles. Global executives must adapt swiftly to fundamental shifts in marketing, research and development, supply chain, people management and growth strategies or face extinction. In this environment, leaders must design a sustainable business model, one that is agile, responsive and capable of generating value to an increasingly disaggregated customer base.

Designed to Win was co-authored by acknowledged global business advisors who have helped companies worldwide respond to the challenges of doing business globally. Using extensive case studies and interviews with top executives, KPMG’s Hiroaki Yoshihara and Mary Pat McCarthy take you inside a number of the most successful transnational enterprises to reveal how those companies’ successfully navigate the risks of global expansion and achieve sustained growth in a volatile global marketplace. Here is your chance to learn important business strategies of the Global Fortune 500 and discover what they and other companies are doing to:

Position and manage brands worldwide
Build a customer-centric supply chain
Optimize their organizational structures for a global marketplace
Recruit, develop and retain the best talent
Build a unifying global corporate culture
Negotiate transnational deals
Manage global risk
Protect intellectual property

Author: Hiroaki Yoshihara, Mary Pat McCarthy


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