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HOME finds Kossi Komla-Ebri between places and identities, cultures and languages, expectations and realities, Europe and Africa. Across these eleven short stories, Komla-Ebri crosses genres and borders with an expansiveness that welcomes readers into an ever increasing interconnected world and all the struggles that come with it. “Kossi Komla-Ebri writes about what he knows Africa remembered and revisited, Italy as his country of adoption, cross cultural diversity and similarity, the challenges of assimilation and retention of cultural identity, and the struggle of the individual within these contexts . . . It is to be hoped that more of his work will be published, that he will continue to write, and that he will take his place among Italy’s best contemporary writers.”–Peter N. Pedroni Fiction. African & African American Studies. Italian Studies. Short Stories.

Author; Kossi Komla-Ebri

ISBN; 9781599541907

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