Nancy: A Portrait Of My Years With Nancy Reagan

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Before reading this book I knew little about Nancy Reagan, other than little snippets and stereotypes from the popular press. This book introduced me to a real flesh and blood human being who kept going on no matter what. I’m sure a lot of that was possible because of her relationship with her husband who supported her all the way. And the support went two ways, he supported her as much as she supported him.

I like a good love story and I was not disappointed. In a world where everyone is getting divorced, or has been divorced more than once (and I’m not necessarily knocking divorce, I realize sometimes it is necessary), this couple made it to their 50th anniversary an beyond. I love to hear about people who have had successful, happy marriages. After all that was her goal when she graduated college. I’d say she achieved it. — Valerie Lull, Author, Ten Heathy Teas

Author: Michael Deaver


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