Pitt’s Employment Law

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Employment Law is a stand-alone title that addresses employment law in a straightforward and concise style that is both accessible and clear to undergraduate law students and those studying on business courses requiring an employment law module. This text is the perfect introductory/mid-level text.

Drawing references from British courts, the European Court of Justice and the European Court of Human Rights, Employment Law is an amalgamation of key topics within Employment Law that introduce the reader to the subject as a whole – and along with traditional topics areas such as: institutions and commissions of employment law; employment status; contract of employment; pay; discipline and dismissal; health and safety – there are also significant chapters on discrimination law (sex, age, race, disability, etc); collective bargaining and trade unions.

The author’s ability to summarise complex and detailed issues ensures that all elements of Employment Law are addressed succinctly, but at the same time fully explains the overarching principles to the reader. As most courses are based on 10-12 week modular units, this concise text is ideally appropriate.

Provides a succinct account of employment law and industrial relations law
Set in the context of experience in the workplace as well as within the wider social and political framework
Written in a straightforward style
Draws references from the British courts, the European Court of Justice and the European Court of Human Rights
This text features essential updates to the law since publication of the 9th edition.

Author: Gwyneth Pitt


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