Unemployed Millionaire, The

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At just eighteen years old, Matt Morris founded his first marketing business. At twenty, he dropped out of college to pursue business full–time. At twenty–one, he was homeless and deeply in debt, living out of his car. It was then that he made a life–changing decision to re–invent himself and his career. By twenty–nine, Matt was a self–made millionaire. How did he do it?

In The Unemployed Millionaire, Morris reveals how he turned his life around and shatters the myth that it takes money to make money. Thanks to the Internet explosion and the ease of global trade, it is possible for anyone to start a business and market their products worldwide to millions of customers. Here, Morris unlocks the secrets and provides you with the specific moneymaking formula he used to turn his ideas into a fortune.

Equips you with a step–by–step formula for turning your great idea into a million–dollar business in as little as twelve months
Proves you don t have to be smart, lucky, or rich to make millions
Gives you the specific success principles all millionaires follow
Author Matt Morris is an internationally recognized speaker who selectively mentors other entrepreneurs, traveling the world, working very little, and earning millions in the process
With a foreword by Les Brown, motivational speaker, bestselling author, and television personality
If you?re serious about earning millions without working your fingers to the bone, The Unemployed Millionaire gives you the powerful strategies needed to turn your dreams into a reality.

Author: Matt Morris


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