Digital Bedbugs

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Straight out of Nairobi, come 12 stories of convicts and their mobile phones; an illicit house warmer who swears he didn’t kill the kid; a man who cannot help running through the night stark naked; a cop who excels at making bodies disappear; a husband who doesn’t want sex and a wife who must have some with him by all means necessarily; a mother who sends her son interesting photography; a music instrument that induces psychosis; the unhealthy consequences of Nairobi nightlife; incels who know their knives; a reverend, his farm and his prize bull; horses, oaths and machetes; and of course, an unplanned trip to Kerala. Featured writers include Sophie Gitonga, Sanaa Jabeen, Sheeba Jacob, Alvin Kathembe, Olivia Kidula, Munene Kilongi, Dennis Mugaa, Awuor Mugeni, Shalom Ndiku, Gladwell Pamba, Kiprono Tonui and Shiru Waweru. This anthology represents the work of new and emerging writers based in Nairobi who, in 2018 and 2019, participated in the Nairobi Fiction Writing Workshop, led by Caine Prize for Writing winner, Makena Onjerika.

Author; Makena Onjerika

ISBN; 9789966138149

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