Female Brand, The

Women make up 51 per cent of the workforce, but only a tiny two per cent are Fortune 500 CEOs. Which begs the question: why do talented women have trouble succeeding in business? Catherine Kaputa provides the answer in this how-to and how-to-think guide for women who want to maximize their potential.The real world rewards perception as well as talent and hard work. That’s why the author believes the most important application for branding is not for products, places and companies, but for individuals. To succeed beyond the mid-level in corporations, women must build a successful career identity– a brand– one that’s authentic, focused and relevant.Drawing on the latest findings of experts in fields of brain science and gender research, Kaputa shows women how to build a brand around their personal strengths and their aptitude as women. This inspirational guide will help any woman come away motivated and with a clear perspective on how to create more confidence, happiness and career success.

Author: Catherine Kaputa



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