Two Weeks in November: The astonishing untold story of the operation that toppled Robert Mugabe

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Douglas Rogers spent his youth and early adult life watching his parents struggle to make ends meet under the vicious dictator, Sir Robert Mugabe. He thought he would never see the day when his iron grip on the country would come unstuck. Combining close political analysis and personal anecdotes, this book tells the incredible story of the two weeks in November 2017 when Mugabe fell from power. Written in the style of a contemporary political thriller, Two Weeks in November is a ripping historical account of Zimbabwe’s chequered and difficult past and a moving memoir of a journalist’s life-long relationship with the country he was born in. Surreal, strange, sinister but often very funny, Two Weeks in November is above all a testament to Douglas Roger’s love and loyalty to the people of Zimbabwe.

Author; Douglas Rogers

ISBN; 9781780723686

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