What Makes A Woman Feel Loved?

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In more than 30 years of ministry to women, Emilie Barnes has heard thousands of dating and marriage stories…some good, some bad. Drawing on these and her 50-plus years of being happily married to her husband, Emilie offers husbands key insights into understanding women, communicating so women will accept their input, and letting their loves know they are cherished. In easy-to-read chapters, readers will find? tools for keeping their marriages uplifting effective ways to handle disagreements ways to keep biblical priorities regarding wives, children, and work questions to spark conversations with their wives Love Makers?little things they can do to delight their mates Advocating biblical values, Emilie encourages husbands to be leaders in their homes, to be strong protectors, to love their wives, and to grow spiritually. What Makes a Woman Feel Loved will help men strengthen and add romantic elements to their marriages.

Author: Emilie Barnes


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